Special Notices 2019

Notice of the Next Regular Monthly Board Meeting:  The next regular monthly board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, November 15, 2021 starting immediately after the Budget Hearing and the Special Meeting of the Electors set to start at 7:00 P.M.  


Notice-Budget Workshop 10-20-21

BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-15-21

At the Board Meeting on September 13, 2021 is was decided that the Town of Ridgeville will NOT have a Fall Clean Up this year (2021)

BOR Agenda 9-29-21

County Current and Proposed Supervisor Re-districting Maps 9-21

Open Book Notice 9-14-21

Board of Review Notice-9-29-21

Notice of Clean Sweep Special Waste Clean Up Fall 2021

Notice of BOR -Adjourned to Later Date 5-11-21

Spring Clean Up 2021
Annual Meeting Financial Report 2020-20April21
Annual Meeting Notice-4-20-21
Notice-Caucus Jan 2021
Notice-Spring Election 2021
Notice-Budget Workshop (2)10-22-20
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-14-20
Notice-Class A Liquor Retailers License 10-12-20
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 10-12-20
Fall Clean Up 2020
Resolution-Inclusion Under the WRS
SURVEY-Garbage-Recycle Town of Ridgeville
Notice of Public Hearing-Request for Variance 5-28-20
Notice-Ordinance Adopted-Driveway Ordinance-5-11-20 Revised
Board of Review Notice-5-6-20
Open Book Notice 4-15-20
Bid Notice-Rock & Hauling Bids (FEMA)-4-21-20
Bid Ltr-Road Improvement Bids 4-21-20  (For Road Improvements Bid-FEMA)  Bid Notice-Road Improvements (FEMA)-4-21-20
Bids – Road Improvements (FEMA Flood Damage-Mercury) 4-21-20
Annual Meeting Notice-4-21-20
Annual Meeting Financial Report 2019_21Apr20
Agenda 3-26-20 Road Assessment
Bid Notice-Road Improvements (FEMA)-3-9-20
Bid Ltr-Road Improvement Bids 3-9-20
Bids – Road Improvements (FEMA Flood Damage-Mercury) 3-9-20
2020_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice 
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-18-19
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-21-19
Fall Clean Up 2019
County Clean Sweep Fall 2019
Mtg Notice 8-15-19 MO CO WTA Unit Meeting
Notice of Nowalk Area Fire District Mtg 7-29-19
Notice-Beer License Sportsman Club
Bid Notice-Road Improvements-6-10-19
BOR Agenda 5-23-19
Board of Review Notice-5-23-19
Spring Clean Up 2019
Open Book Notice 4-25-19
Notice of Road Assessment Meeting:   The Town of Ridgeville Board will be meeting with the Town Road Patrolman for road assessments on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 starting at 11:00 am.  They will start at the Town Shop and go from there to review roads and where to start in fixing the roads for FEMA.  
Annual Meeting Notice-4-15-19
Informational Sheet-Tomah Referendum 2019
Notice-Caucus Jan 2019


Special Notices 2018

Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-11-19-2018 (1) Levy Limit
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-11-19-2018 (2) Levy Limit
Notice of Budget Meetings and Proposed Budget 2019
2019_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Notice-Canvassers Meeting 11-2018
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-22-18
Fire Meeting Notice 9-24-2018
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-8-13-2018
Notice-Beer License Sportsman Club
BOR Agenda 5-29-18
Board of Review Notice-5-29-18
Notice-County Wind Tower Mtg 5-10-18
Open Book and Assessment Roll Notice 5-1-18
Minutes Annual Mtg 4-18-17  (Minutes from Previous Year)
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-4-17-2018
Notice-Ordinance Adopted-Alter Names BOR -4-17-18 Revised
Annual Meeting Notice-4-17-18  (Minutes from 2018 mtg will be published after the 2019 mtg)
TOWN OF RIDGEVILLE, Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at 6:00 P.M., Norwalk Fire Station, 113 W. South Street, Norwalk, WI  54648: 
NOTICE OF ORDINANCE ADOPTION-Alcohol-Related License and Permit Fee 2-12-18
Special Notices 2017
2018_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-21-17
JOB NOTICE-Full Time Patrolman-9-14-17
Fall Clean Up 2017
Monroe County 2017 Fall Clean Sweep
Notice-Ordinance Amendment Adopted-ORD-LR-11-18-2013
Mtg Notice (View Roads) 9-25-17
Bid-Road Improvements 6-12-17
BOR Agenda 5-22-17
Board of Review Notice-5-22-17
Spring Clean Up 2017
Annual Report for 2016
Open Book Notice 4-24-17
Annual Meeting Notice-4-18-17
Notice of Hearing-Bug Tussel Tower
Notice-Caucus Jan 2017
JOB NOTICE-Part Time Patrolman-1-16-17


Special Notices 2016

Board of Review Notice-5-26-16
Open Book Notice 5-5-16
Annual Meeting Notice-4-19-16 
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-3-14-2016
Tri Creek Committee Mtg 3-10-16
JOB NOTICE-Part Time Patrolman-3-11-16

Special Notices 2015

2016_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Mtg Notice (View Roads) 11-5-15
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-21-15
Fall Clean Up 2015
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 10-12-15
Mtg Notice 8-30-15 
Board of Review Notice-6-1-15
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-4-21-2015
Open Book Notice 5-4-15
Annual Meeting Notice-4-21-15
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-3-9-2015
Bids Due:  Road Maintenance Improvements Due Monday, March 9, 2015 by 7:30 P.M. (See Below)
Bid Notice-Road Improvements-3-9-15
Notice-Caucus Jan 2015

Special Notices 2014

2015_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-18-14
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 9-13-14
Bid Notice-Road Improvements-6-9-14
Board of Review Notice-5-28-14
Open Book Notice 5-7-14
Snow Plowing Notice – NOTICE-Snow Plowing 2-27-14
Notice-Comprehensive Commission Meeting schedule for April 3, 2014  at 6:30 P.M.  (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Annual Meeting Notice-4-15-14
Notice-Tri-Creek Advisory Meeting scheduled for March 6, 2014 at 10:00 A.M.  (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Notice-Comprehensive Commission Meeting schedule for March 3, 2014 at 6:30 P.M. (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Notice-Tri-Creek Advisory Meeting schedule for March 3, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Notice-Comprehensive Commission Meeting schedule for February 6, 2014 at 6:30 P.M. (See Agenda under Planning Commission)

Special Notices-2013

Notice of Budget Hearing and two (2) Special Meetings of the Electors
Town of Ridgeville_Year 2014 Budget Notice
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Ordinance ORD-LR-11-18-2013
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-10-18-13
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-11-18-2013


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