Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes (Meeting minutes will be posted after their approval at the monthly meetings:

Notice of the Next Regular Monthly Board Meeting:  The next regular monthly board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, November 15, 2021 starting immediately after the Budget Hearing and the Special Meeting of the Electors set to start at 7:00 P.M.


Minutes-9-13-21 Reg Meeting

Minutes-8-9-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-8-2-21 Special Meeting
Minutes-7-12-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-6-14-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-5-10-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-4-20-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-3-25-21 (Complete) Special Road Assessment Meeting
Minutes-3-8-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-2-8-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-1-11-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-12-9-20 Reg Meeting
Minutes-11-16-20 Reg Meeting
Minutes-10-12-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-9-14-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-8-10-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-7-13-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-6-8-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-5-11-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-4-21-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-3-9-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-2-10-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-1-13-20 Regular Meeting
Minutes-12-16-19 Regular Meeting
Minutes-11-18-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-18-19
Minutes-10-14-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-28-19 Special Board Mtg Paving Report
Minutes-9-9-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-12-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-8-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-10-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-13-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-30-19 Road Assessment Mrg FEMA
Minutes-4-15-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-11-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-28-19 Special Board Mtg FEMA Road Costs
Minutes-2-11-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-1-14-19 Reg Mtg


2018 Regular Monthly Board Meetings Minutes

Minutes-12-17-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-19-18
Minutes-11-19-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-8-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-9-10-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-13-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-12-18 Special Board Mtg
Minutes-7-9-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-18-18 Special Board Mtg
Minutes-6-11-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes 5-14-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes 4-17-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes 3-19-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes-4-12-18 Special Board Mtg
Minutes 2-12-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes 1-8-18 Reg Mtg


2017 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes 12-18-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-20-17
Minutes-11-20-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-25-17
Minutes-10-16-17 Spec Mtg
Minutes-10-9-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes 9-25-17 Road Assessment
Minutes-9-11-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes 9-7-17 Spec Mtg
Minutes-8-14-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes 7-27-17 Spec Mtg
Minutes-7-17-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-12-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-15-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-18-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-13-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-13-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-1-21-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-12-27-16 Spec Mtg
Minutes-12-13-16 Reg Mtg


2016 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes-11-15-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-11-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-13-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-2-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-19-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-14-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-8-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-5-16 Spec Mtg
Minutes-1-11-16 Reg Mtg
2015 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes 1-12-15 Caucus
Minutes-1-12-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-9-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-9-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Special Meeting-4-6-15
Minutes Annual Mtg 4-21-15
Minutes-4-21-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-11-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-8-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-13-15 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-8-10-15 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-9-14-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-12-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-21-15
Minutes 11-05-15 TownRoadReview
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-16-15
Minutes-11-16-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-12-7-15 Reg Mtg
2014 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes-1-13-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-10-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-10-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-15-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes Annual Mtg 4-15-14
Minutes-5-12-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-9-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-12-14 Spec Mtg
Minutes-7-14-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-11-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-9-8-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-13-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-20-14
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-17-14
Minutes-11-17-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-12-8-14 Reg Mtg
2013 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes-1-7-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-11-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-11-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-23-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-13-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-10-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-15-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-12-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-9-9-13 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-10-14-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-28-13
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-18-13
Minutes-Special Mtg of Electors 11-18-13
Minutes-11-18-13 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-12-9-13 Reg Mtg

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