Town of Ridgeville


Town of Ridgeville Comprehensive Plan (2009)

For more information, please contact the Chairperson, Inese Epstein.

2019 Meetings – Minutes & Agendas

Minutes/Agendas of Recent Meetings (most recent on top)

Notice of Tri-Creeks Land Use Planning Committee Phone Confererence:  They decided to conduct the meeting via phone or video conference since we are still in the midst of the pandemic.  Please see information below.  Users can dial in OR join the video conference.   The next meeting will be scheduled later. 


Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 6-25-20
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg-6-25-20
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 3-12-20
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 3-12-20
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 1-23-2020  (Cancelled due weather)
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 10-31-19
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mrg 10-31-19
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 7-11-19
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 7-11-19
Agenda-CPC Mtg-5-30-19
Minutes-CPC Mtg-4-29-19
Agenda-CPC Mtg-4-29-19
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg-4-4-19
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 4-4-19

Survey Results 2018  (Comments made to follow later)

Minutes-CPC Mtg-2-28-19
Agenda-CPC Mtg 2-28-19
Agenda-CPC Mtg 2-13-19   This meeting has been cancelled due to the projected weather on Wednesday.  It will be rescheduled.
Agenda-CPC Mtg 1-29-19  Meeting CANCELLED due to the weather.  It will be rescheduled.
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 1-10-2019
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 1-10-19


2018 Meetings – Minutes & Agendas

Minutes-CPC Mtg 11-7-18
Agenda CPC Mtg-11-7-18
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 10-4-18
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 10-4-18
Minutes-CPC Mtg 9-18-18
Agenda-CPC Mtg 9-18-18
Minutes-CPC Mtg 9-4-18
Agenda-CPC Mtg 9-4-18
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 7-12-18
Agenda-Tri-Creek 7-12-18
Minutes-CPC Mtg 6-20-18
Agenda-CPC Mtg-6-20-18
Minutes-Tri-Creek 6-6-18
Tri-Creek Master Plan 6-6-18
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 6-6-18
Minutes-CPC Mtg 5-2-18
Agenda CPC Mtg-5-2-18 (The minutes for this meeting will be published after approval at the June 20th meeting)
Agenda CPC Mtg 4-18-18 (Cancelled due to weather)
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 4-11-18
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 4-11-18 & Watershed Plan Categories
Minutes-CPC Mtg 3-22-18
Agenda-CPC Mtg 3-22-18
Minutes-CPC Mtg 2-16-18
Agenda-CPC Mtg-2-16-18
Minutes-CPC Mtg 1-31-18
Agenda-CPC Mtg-1-31-18
Notice of Tri-Creek Land Use Planning Committee:  There will be a meeting of Tri-Creek Land Use Planning Committee on Friday, February 9, 2018 beginning at 1:00 P.M.  The meeting will be in the conference room at the Monroe County Land Conservation Department, 820 Industrial Drive, Suite 3, Sparta, WI.  At this meeting we would like your input on what you would like to see happen on the Tri-Creek property in the future. 

2017 Meetings – Minutes & Agendas

Minutes/Agendas of Recent Meetings (most recent on top)

Minutes-CPC Mtg-10-17-17
Agenda-CPC Mtg-10-17-17
NOTICE-CPC Member Applications 9-14-17
Notice-CPC General Notice 9-19-17

REVISED-Proposed Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance-6-17 (Still work on Document)

Minutes-CPC Mtg 9-14-17
Agenda-CPC Mtg-9-14-17
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 8-16-17
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 8-16-17
Minutes-CPC Mtg-6-14-17
Agenda-CPC Mtg-6-14-17
Minutes-CPC Mtg 5-4-2017
Agenda-CPC Mtg-5-4-17
Ridgeville (Draft) Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance
Agenda-Revised CPC Mtg 4-6-17
Agenda-Commission Mtg-4-6-17
Minutes-CPC Mtg-2-10-17
Agenda-CPC Mtg-2-10-17
Minutes-CPC Mtg-1-3-17
Agenda-CPC Mtg-1-3-17
Notice-Hearing-Comp Plan 1-26-17 


2016 Meetings – Minutes & Agendas

Minutes/Agendas of Recent Meetings (most recent on top)

Minutes-CPC Mtg 12-22-16
Agenda-CPC Mtg-12-22-16
Minutes-CPC Mtg 12-8-16
agenda-cpc-mtg-11-17-16  (This meeting has been cancelled)
Minutes-CPC Mtg-10-6-2016
Agenda-Commission Mtg-9-6-16
Agenda-Tri-Creek Mtg 8-24-16
Agenda-CPC Mtg-8-18-16
Minutes-CPC Mtg 8-1-16
Agenda-CPC Mtg-8-1-16
Agenda-CPC Mtg-7-21-16 (This meeting was cancelled due to the weather.)
Minutes-CPC Meeting 06-23-2016
Agenda CPC Mtg-6-23-16
Minutes-Tri-Creek Mtg 6-20-2016
Agenda-Mtg Notice Tri-Creek 6-20-16
Minutes-CPC Meeting 06-09-16
Agenda CPC Mtg-6-9-16   
Minutes-CPC Mtg 4-14-16
 Agenda CPC Mtg-4-14-16
Minutes-Tri Creek Mtg 4-14-2016
Tri-Creek Land Usage Planning Committee Mtg 4-14-16
Minutes CPC Mtg 03-10-2016
 Agenda-Commission Mtg-3-10-16
Agenda CPC Mtg-1-26-16


2015 Meetings-Minutes & Agendas

Minutes/Agendas of Recent Meetings (most recent on top)

Minutes CPC Meeting-10-29-15
Agenda-Commission Mtg-10-29-15
Minutes-CPC Meeting 10-01-15
Agenda-Commission Mtg 10-1-15
Minutes-CPC Meeting 08-12-15
Agenda-Commission Mtg 8-12-15
Minutes 7-10-15 CPC Mtg
Agenda-Commission Mtg 7-10-15
Agenda-Commission Mtg 6-29-15
Agenda-Commission Mtg-5-14-15
Agenda-Commission Mtg-1-12-15 


2014 Meetings-Minutes & Agendas

Minutes/Agendas of Recent Meetings (most recent on top)

Agenda-Commission Mtg 12-6-14
Agenda-Commission Mtg 10-23-14
Minutes – C.P.C  Meeting 9-18-14
Agenda-Commission Mtg-9-18-2014
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 04-03-2014
Tri-Creek Advisory Meeting Minutes 03-06-2014
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 03-03-2014
Tri-Creek Meeting Minutes 03-03-2014
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 02-06-2014


2013 Meetings-Minutes & Agendas

Minutes of Recent Meetings

CPC_December 6, 2012
CPC_June 12, 2013
CPC_Hearing Minutes August 5, 2013

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