Notice of the Regular Monthly Board Meeting:  The next regular monthly board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, August 12, 2024 starting at 6:00 PM. 

Special Notices 2024


Notice-Beer License Sportsman Club 2024
County Hazardous Waste Clean Up – 4-27-24
Spring Clean Up 2024
Open Book Notice 5-8-24
Board of Review Notice-5-15-24
BOR Agenda 5-15-24
Bid Notice-Rock & Hauling Bids-5-13-24


Annual Meeting Notice-4-16-24
Annual Report 2023

Special Notices 2023

2024 Budget Approved at November 20, 2023 Board Meeting
2024_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-23-23
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-20-23
Fall E-Waste Recyclying Event-County 9-16-23

Fire Sign Charges 2023

Board of Review Notice-6-7-23
Open Book Notice 5-31-23
Bid Notice-Rock & Hauling Bids-5-15-23
Bids-Road Seal Coating 2023
Spring Clean Up 2023
Monroe County Spring Clean Sweep 2023
Annual Meeting Notice-4-18-23
Notice-Caucus Jan 2023

Special Notices 2022

Proposed 2023 Budget and Notice of Hearing & Special Elector’s Mtg-11-21-22

Notice-Spring Election 2023

2023_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-24-22 
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-21-22
Fire Meeting Notice 9-26-22
2021 CORRECTED Financial Report
Open Book Notice 7-13-22
Notice of OPEN BOOK AND BOR 2022
Board of Review Notice-7-20-22
BOR Agenda 7-20-22
Minutes-BOR1 6-13-22
Notice of BOR -Adjourned to Later Date 5-19-22
Notice-Liquor Licenses for Ridgeville 2022
Fire Meeting Notice 4-2-2022 Appreciation Dinner
Annual Meeting Notice-4-19-22

Special Notices 2021

Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution to Amend 2021 Budget R-11-15-2021
2022_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-20-21
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-15-21
At the Board Meeting on September 13, 2021 is was decided that the Town of Ridgeville will NOT have a Fall Clean Up this year (2021)
BOR Agenda 9-29-21
County Current and Proposed Supervisor Re-districting Maps 9-21
Open Book Notice 9-14-21
Board of Review Notice-9-29-21
Notice of Clean Sweep Special Waste Clean Up Fall 2021
Notice of BOR -Adjourned to Later Date 5-11-21
Spring Clean Up 2021
Annual Meeting Financial Report 2020-20April21
Annual Meeting Notice-4-20-21
Notice-Caucus Jan 2021
Notice-Spring Election 2021

Special Notice 2020

Notice-Budget Workshop (2)10-22-20
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-14-20
Notice-Class A Liquor Retailers License 10-12-20
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 10-12-20
Fall Clean Up 2020
Resolution-Inclusion Under the WRS
SURVEY-Garbage-Recycle Town of Ridgeville
Notice of Public Hearing-Request for Variance 5-28-20
Notice-Ordinance Adopted-Driveway Ordinance-5-11-20 Revised
Board of Review Notice-5-6-20
Open Book Notice 4-15-20
Bid Notice-Rock & Hauling Bids (FEMA)-4-21-20
Bid Ltr-Road Improvement Bids 4-21-20  (For Road Improvements Bid-FEMA)  Bid Notice-Road Improvements (FEMA)-4-21-20
Bids – Road Improvements (FEMA Flood Damage-Mercury) 4-21-20
Annual Meeting Notice-4-21-20
Annual Meeting Financial Report 2019_21Apr20
Agenda 3-26-20 Road Assessment
Bid Notice-Road Improvements (FEMA)-3-9-20
Bid Ltr-Road Improvement Bids 3-9-20
Bids – Road Improvements (FEMA Flood Damage-Mercury) 3-9-20
2020_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice 

Special Notices – 2019

BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-18-19
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-21-19
Fall Clean Up 2019
County Clean Sweep Fall 2019
Mtg Notice 8-15-19 MO CO WTA Unit Meeting
Notice of Nowalk Area Fire District Mtg 7-29-19
Notice-Beer License Sportsman Club
Bid Notice-Road Improvements-6-10-19
BOR Agenda 5-23-19
Board of Review Notice-5-23-19
Spring Clean Up 2019
Open Book Notice 4-25-19
Notice of Road Assessment Meeting:   The Town of Ridgeville Board will be meeting with the Town Road Patrolman for road assessments on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 starting at 11:00 am.  They will start at the Town Shop and go from there to review roads and where to start in fixing the roads for FEMA.  
Annual Meeting Notice-4-15-19
Informational Sheet-Tomah Referendum 2019
Notice-Caucus Jan 2019


Special Notices 2018

Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-11-19-2018 (1) Levy Limit
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-11-19-2018 (2) Levy Limit
Notice of Budget Meetings and Proposed Budget 2019
2019_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Notice-Canvassers Meeting 11-2018
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-22-18
Fire Meeting Notice 9-24-2018
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-8-13-2018
Notice-Beer License Sportsman Club
BOR Agenda 5-29-18
Board of Review Notice-5-29-18
Notice-County Wind Tower Mtg 5-10-18
Open Book and Assessment Roll Notice 5-1-18
Minutes Annual Mtg 4-18-17  (Minutes from Previous Year)
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-4-17-2018
Notice-Ordinance Adopted-Alter Names BOR -4-17-18 Revised
Annual Meeting Notice-4-17-18  (Minutes from 2018 mtg will be published after the 2019 mtg)
TOWN OF RIDGEVILLE, Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at 6:00 P.M., Norwalk Fire Station, 113 W. South Street, Norwalk, WI  54648: 
NOTICE OF ORDINANCE ADOPTION-Alcohol-Related License and Permit Fee 2-12-18
Special Notices 2017
2018_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 11-21-17
JOB NOTICE-Full Time Patrolman-9-14-17
Fall Clean Up 2017
Monroe County 2017 Fall Clean Sweep
Notice-Ordinance Amendment Adopted-ORD-LR-11-18-2013
Mtg Notice (View Roads) 9-25-17
Bid-Road Improvements 6-12-17
BOR Agenda 5-22-17
Board of Review Notice-5-22-17
Spring Clean Up 2017
Annual Report for 2016
Open Book Notice 4-24-17
Annual Meeting Notice-4-18-17
Notice of Hearing-Bug Tussel Tower
Notice-Caucus Jan 2017
JOB NOTICE-Part Time Patrolman-1-16-17


Special Notices 2016

Board of Review Notice-5-26-16
Open Book Notice 5-5-16
Annual Meeting Notice-4-19-16 
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-3-14-2016
Tri Creek Committee Mtg 3-10-16
JOB NOTICE-Part Time Patrolman-3-11-16

Special Notices 2015

2016_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Mtg Notice (View Roads) 11-5-15
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-21-15
Fall Clean Up 2015
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 10-12-15
Mtg Notice 8-30-15 
Board of Review Notice-6-1-15
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-4-21-2015
Open Book Notice 5-4-15
Annual Meeting Notice-4-21-15
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-3-9-2015
Bids Due:  Road Maintenance Improvements Due Monday, March 9, 2015 by 7:30 P.M. (See Below)
Bid Notice-Road Improvements-3-9-15
Notice-Caucus Jan 2015

Special Notices 2014

2015_Town of Ridgeville Budget Notice
Notice-Budget Workshop 10-18-14
BID NOTICE-Sand Hauling 9-13-14
Bid Notice-Road Improvements-6-9-14
Board of Review Notice-5-28-14
Open Book Notice 5-7-14
Snow Plowing Notice – NOTICE-Snow Plowing 2-27-14
Notice-Comprehensive Commission Meeting schedule for April 3, 2014  at 6:30 P.M.  (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Annual Meeting Notice-4-15-14
Notice-Tri-Creek Advisory Meeting scheduled for March 6, 2014 at 10:00 A.M.  (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Notice-Comprehensive Commission Meeting schedule for March 3, 2014 at 6:30 P.M. (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Notice-Tri-Creek Advisory Meeting schedule for March 3, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. (See Agenda under Planning Commission)
Notice-Comprehensive Commission Meeting schedule for February 6, 2014 at 6:30 P.M. (See Agenda under Planning Commission)

Special Notices-2013

Notice of Budget Hearing and two (2) Special Meetings of the Electors
Town of Ridgeville_Year 2014 Budget Notice
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Ordinance ORD-LR-11-18-2013
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-10-18-13
Notice-Resolution Adopted-Resolution R-11-18-2013


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