Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes (Meeting minutes will be posted after their approval at the monthly meetings:

Notice of the Regular Monthly Board Meeting:  The next regular monthly board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, August 12, 2024 starting at 6:00 PM.   


Minutes-6-10-2024 Regular Board Meeting

Minutes-5-13-2024 Regular Board Meeting
Minutes-4-16-2024 Regular Board Meeting
Minutes-3-11-2024 Regular Board Meeting
Minutes Annual Mtg 4-18-23
Minutes-2-12-2024 Regular Board Meeting
Minutes-1-8-2024 Regular Meeting
Minutes-12-18-2023 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-20-23
Minutes-11-20-2023 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-23-23
Minutes-10-9-2023 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-9-11-2023 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-8-14-2023 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-10-11-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes 9-12-22 Regular Meeting
Minutes-8-8-22 Regular Meeting
Minutes-7-11-22 Regular Board Meeting
Minutes-6-13-22 Regular Board Meeting
Minutes-5-9-2022 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-11-2022 Special Meeting
Minutes-11-15-21 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-15-21
Minutes-10-11-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-9-13-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-8-9-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-8-2-21 Special Meeting
Minutes-7-12-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-6-14-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-5-10-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-4-20-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-3-25-21 (Complete) Special Road Assessment Meeting
Minutes-3-8-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-2-8-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-1-11-21 Reg Meeting
Minutes-12-9-20 Reg Meeting
Minutes-11-16-20 Reg Meeting
Minutes-10-12-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-9-14-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-8-10-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-7-13-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-6-8-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-5-11-20 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-4-21-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-3-9-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-2-10-2020 Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes-1-13-20 Regular Meeting
Minutes-12-16-19 Regular Meeting
Minutes-11-18-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-18-19
Minutes-10-14-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-28-19 Special Board Mtg Paving Report
Minutes-9-9-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-12-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-8-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-10-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-13-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-30-19 Road Assessment Mrg FEMA
Minutes-4-15-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-11-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-28-19 Special Board Mtg FEMA Road Costs
Minutes-2-11-19 Reg Mtg
Minutes-1-14-19 Reg Mtg


2018 Regular Monthly Board Meetings Minutes

Minutes-12-17-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-19-18
Minutes-11-19-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-8-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-9-10-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-13-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-12-18 Special Board Mtg
Minutes-7-9-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-18-18 Special Board Mtg
Minutes-6-11-18 Reg Mtg
Minutes 5-14-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes 4-17-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes 3-19-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes-4-12-18 Special Board Mtg
Minutes 2-12-18 Regular Mtg
Minutes 1-8-18 Reg Mtg


2017 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Minutes 12-18-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-20-17
Minutes-11-20-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-25-17
Minutes-10-16-17 Spec Mtg
Minutes-10-9-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes 9-25-17 Road Assessment
Minutes-9-11-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes 9-7-17 Spec Mtg
Minutes-8-14-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes 7-27-17 Spec Mtg
Minutes-7-17-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-12-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-15-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-18-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-13-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-13-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-1-21-17 Reg Mtg
Minutes-12-27-16 Spec Mtg
Minutes-12-13-16 Reg Mtg


2016 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes-11-15-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-11-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-13-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-2-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-19-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-14-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-8-16 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-5-16 Spec Mtg
Minutes-1-11-16 Reg Mtg
2015 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes 1-12-15 Caucus
Minutes-1-12-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-9-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-9-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-Special Meeting-4-6-15
Minutes Annual Mtg 4-21-15
Minutes-4-21-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-11-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-8-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-13-15 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-8-10-15 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-9-14-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-12-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-21-15
Minutes 11-05-15 TownRoadReview
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-16-15
Minutes-11-16-15 Reg Mtg
Minutes-12-7-15 Reg Mtg
2014 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes-1-13-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-10-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-10-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-15-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes Annual Mtg 4-15-14
Minutes-5-12-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-9-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-12-14 Spec Mtg
Minutes-7-14-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-11-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-9-8-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-10-13-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-20-14
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-17-14
Minutes-11-17-14 Reg Mtg
Minutes-12-8-14 Reg Mtg
2013 Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes-1-7-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-2-11-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-3-11-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-4-23-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-5-13-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-6-10-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-7-15-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-8-12-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes-9-9-13 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-10-14-13 Reg Mtg
Minutes Budget Workshop 10-28-13
Minutes-Budget Hearing & Spec Elector 11-18-13
Minutes-Special Mtg of Electors 11-18-13
Minutes-11-18-13 Reg Mtg 
Minutes-12-9-13 Reg Mtg

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